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Streamlining the Pilot-to-AV8R Journey...
with ease!

AV8R Unlimited: N527A

AV8R Unlimited: N527A

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What does AV8R Unlimited offer?

Time Building & Flight Training

  • A unique and tailer approach to flight training

  • Flight Training that develops the pilot into an AV8R

  • and TIME

TIME to...

  • be Safely and Efficiently trained

  • Build to get to the career you've always dreamed of!


Night - Time Building

  • Price Valid 2100 - 0600

  • Pay as you go

  • DRY Rate

Save Money...Fly at night

Safety Pilot Required

What do you get?

  • Access to multiple time slots 24 hours a day / 7 days a week / 365 days a year!

  • Availability of aircraft at KGEU (Glendale Municipal Airport) 

  • Easy access on ramp



  • 35-hr Oil Change and Spark Plug cleaning cadence​

  • 100-hr Inspections

  • Up-to-Date Annual Inspection

Safety is the #1 Value at AV8R Unlimited. My committment to ALL AV8R's is to offer a safe aircraft, or I don't offer one at all!


Time Building Checkout

  • Review base airport operations

  • Review POH, W&B, Avionics

  • Review Flight characteristics

  • Comfortably land!

  • DRY Rate

For Insurance purposes each checkout must be completed by an Independent Flight Instructor at an hourly fee of $75.00.


Discovery Flight

  • 30 minutes of ground instruction and briefing

  • 1 hour of flight time (you’ll get to fly the whole time!)

  • Instructor fees

  • WET Rate

All Discovery flights must be paid for in advance

A message to all AV8R'S

Flying is a journey…not just a way to get from A to B on a map. It’s the joy, the freedom, the experience, the people, and the feeling of unlimited opportunities that commanding an aircraft provides! To be one with that machine is to be an aviator. An aviator is more than a pilot. An aviator sharpens their skills, feeds their passion, and pursues their dreams of taking to the skies. AV8R UNLIMITED makes it easy and convenient to pursue your dreams of flight. Let us join your journey.

Build your hours and come fly with



Time Building Base Price

  • 50 to 100 Hours

  • Price Valid 0600 - 2100

  • Pay as you go!

  • DRY Rate

Additional Blocks available:

  • $67/hr for 101 to 300 Hours

  • $65/hr for 301 to 500 Hour

Blocks must be prepaid to recieve pricing


Flight Training

  • WET Rate (Fuel & Oil Included)


  • Pay as you go!

Seperate Independent Flight Instructor's Fee is $75.00 per hour.


Mid Day - Time Building

  • Price Valid 1200 - 1800

  • Pay as you go

  • DRY Rate

June, July, & August ONLY

How the Process works...

Time Building

  • Checkout Flight in N527A

  • Purchase Non-Owned Aircraft Rental Insurance (for every pilot flying the aircraft). Hull Value Coverage needed is $67,000

Flight Training

  • Schedule a Discovery Flight with an instructor affiliated with AV8R Unlimited

  • Purchase Non-Owned Aircraft Rental Insurance (for every pilot flying the aircraft). Hull Value Coverage needed is $67,000

Log into the FlightCircle App and schedule your flights!

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